3 things that happen on a weekend when there’s no Football

Football not being on over the weekend is a detrimental, damaging and a traumatising time for any man. When this happens a weekend can potentially spiral out of control. Football gives us guys stability and a routine for how the weekend should go. We have eluded to this before with a ritual we go through when Football is on over the weekend – Football weekend ritual. This time round we thought we’d focus on what can happen over a weekend where there is no live Football, and no Premier League games going on. There’s lots that could potentially happen, but we’ve picked a top 3. Logical.

  1. Mrs takeover! A weekend with no Football could allow you to show off your caring boyfriend nature. A nice offer of doing something during a Saturday afternoon would never go amiss from the other half…and she doesn’t have to know there’s no Football on. In fact, we’d suggest saying that there are games, but you’d much rather spend time with her. Maybe even Sunday as well…if she’s lucky. On the flip side of this, you do not want to be roped into going shopping for furniture or an outfit for her. This could turn to disaster mode and where things could start to spiral out of control.
  2. Piss up! With no Football arrangements to guide you through the weekend you might try to fill it with other activities. Some of these may already happen on a Football filled weekend, but with this one coming we’ve already found ourselves planning many drunken events to replace live Football with. Friday night sesh with the lads. Standard. Saturday day time, drink, Saturday night – no MOTD, go out and drink more. It’s not the answer, but it definitely gets done when our shining light goes missing for the weekend.
  3. Weekend Bypass! With neither of the two things above your weekend can just bypass you. Literally nothing happens, nothing to talk about, no highlights, goals, streakers or mascot brawls to discuss in the pub with your mates. Before you know it it’s Monday and you’re already checking the live games on for the coming weekend and how your Fantasy Football team is looking. We like to avoid the Weekend Bypass at all costs. The type of weekend where if the world was ever going to end, we’d suggest picking that one.

    We appreciate the points above aren’t positive, joyous or enlightening, but they are true. It’s what happens on those weekends where club football is paused and we wanted to let you guys know that we’re here for you. We understand. We have felt the pain and continue to feel it. A game against Chile on a Friday night isn’t going to cheer us up. But hey…least you got our blog to keep you Vincent Kompany.

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